Caroline Jiborn

Caroline Jiborn

Driving Ecommerce Growth Using Big Data – How to Get Started Making the most of the information and systems you have today in creating an engaging UX to the customer. Summary Over the last two years, there has been explosion of conversation on growing your... Read more

Uber is disrupting the taxi business, big time. Uber completed 62 million trips in the US in July 2016, up 15% from 2015. The competitor Lyft delivered 14 million trips. What is the secret sauce? Price is important, but it's the simplicity for the customer... Read more

Until the fifteenth century people believed that the global wealth was fixed. The only way for one person to be better off was to take from someone else. When Christopher Columbus needed funding to explore the world he left Portugal for Spain and managed to... Read more

The Infor executive team set out with a vision five years ago and it's great to see the vision coming together. The release of the new Infor XI platform is an important piece in this vision and it deserves a lot more attention that it has received so... Read more

Speed of change is the key Infor is taking Enterprise applications to the cloud. For customers this means lower TCO, higher availability and better security. What most people forget is the biggest benefit of going cloud - the increased speed of change. The cloud will... Read more

The news that Apple is investing 1Bn in Didi Chuxing, the chinese Uber competitor, is exciting. When Forbes calls this Apple's worst decision it is obvious that they don't see the full picture, the eminent transportation revolution. My dad used to tell me how he... Read more

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